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If a death in the family occurs at home, please inform the patient’s doctor immediately as they will have to confirm the death.

A funeral director will be able to offer help with the practical details.

If death occurs in hospital, please notify your doctor – as sometimes communication between hospital and GP can be slow, and we would not want to cause unnecessary upset to relatives. The patient’s doctor will usually be able to issue a death certificate for the Registrar of Births and Deaths, and a cremation form if required. In certain cases of sudden death, the doctor will be required to inform the Procurator Fiscal’s office – usually via the police.

Everyone reacts differently to bereavement. It is an experience we will all have to endure at some point and can be difficult to cope with. Your doctor will be a willing listener and source of advice.

The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors

SAIF was established in 1989 and represents more than 950 privately owned, independent funeral homes across the UK.We work hard within the profession to promote best practice and protect the interests of our members and their local communities.Along with representing the views of our members at a national and local level we also provide training and education programmes to ensure they continue to meet the highest of standards.

What to do after a death

When the person you are caring for has died, you may feel very shocked, however well you have prepared yourself. You may feel confused and bewildered. Don’t feel that you have to do anything. You can just stay with your friend or relative’s body for a while. You may have many different emotions or you may feel numb.

At a

We provide the UK's signposting website for the bereaved

PETAL – People Experiencing Trauma and Loss

PETAL is the most recognised and longest established organisation for people affected by homicide or suicide in Scotland. Our professional service is supported by Scottish Government and other funders. Service provision is FREE and we provides a safe and confidential environment where those experiencing bereavement and traumatic loss, through murder or suicide can receive support, one to one counselling and other therapies. This service provision includes children and young people.
01698 324502

Child Bereavement UK

Child Bereavement UK help children and young people (up to age 25), parents, and families, to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies. They also provide training to professionals, equipping them to provide the best possible care to bereaved families.
0800 02 888 40

Sands Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Charity

Sands is the leading stillbirth and neonatal death charity in the UK. Sands exists to reduce the number of babies dying and to ensure that anyone affected by the death of a baby receives the best possible care and support for as long as they need it.
0808 164 3332

Compassionate Friends

TCF offers many different kinds of support for bereaved families. Whatever the cause of your loss, wherever you are in the UK, and whatever your circumstances – they are here to help.
0345 123 2304

Scotty’s Little Soldiers

Scotty’s Little Soldiers is a charity dedicated to supporting children and young people who have lost a parent serving in the British Armed Forces.
08000 928 571

Child Death Helpline

The Child Death Helpline aims to provide a quality freephone service to anyone affected by the death of a child of any age. Callers to the helpline might be parents, grandparents, siblings, other family members, friends or involved professionals.
0800 282 986

Hope Again

Hope Again is the youth website of Cruse Bereavement Care. It is a safe place where you can learn from other young people, how to cope with grief, and feel less alone.
0808 808 1677

Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland

Support, advice and information for children, young people and adults when someone dies. The charity also works to enhance society’s care of bereaved people.
0808 802 6161