Alva Medical Practice

Our Allied Health Professionals

Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner (APP)

APPs are muscle and joint specialists who can see and assess a range of muscle and joint issues including spinal, upper limb, lower limb, and soft tissue injuries both chronic and acute. They are able to refer onto specialist services.

Ann Steven (f)

Isobel Robertson (f)

Community Midwives

The Community midwifery team help with all aspects of care during pregnancy and after delivery. A midwife attends the Antenatal Clinics at the health centre. If you wish to contact a midwife telephone Forth Valley Royal Hospital on 01324 566000 and ask for the Buttercup Team Midwives office or ask at the Health Centre.

Community Nurses

Angela Hall (f)

Wendy Graham (m)

Susan Blyth (f)

Health Visitors

Our Health Visitors can be contacted at Tullibody Health Centre on 01259 728533. The Health Visiting team gives advice on all aspects of your own and your family’s health and social welfare.

Iona Ward (f)

Sarah Marnock (f)

Casey Hooper (f)

Practice Pharmacist

The Practice is also supported by in-house Pharmacists who process medication related to discharge and outpatient letters. They also help patients with medication queries.

Pharmacists with advanced clinical skills and Pharmacy Technicians in GP practices will improve pharmaceutical care and contribute to the multidisciplinary team.

Our Pharmacist may contact you to discuss and advise you on your medication.

Lucy Citrine (f)

Allison Coppock (f)

Fiona McMurray (f)

Nicola Differ (f) Technician

Kimberley Reid (f) Technician

From time to time other members of the pharmacotherapy team will join those listed above.