Alva Medical Practice

GP Training

We have been an approved training practice, training GP Specialist Trainees (sometimes known as GP Registrars) from 1985.

The GP Trainee is a fully qualified and experienced doctor near the end of their training to be a GP. We will usually have at least one trainee working with us as they gain experience in general practice.
Trainee doctors do a variety of jobs in hospital before spending either six or twelve months in the practice with us.

Dr Graeme Hay, Dr Cameron Livingston and Dr Andrew Little are all designated GP Trainers in the practice. However, all doctors in the Practice have a significant role to play in training our assigned doctors. The doctors are supervised throughout their journey with us and in addition to the doctors being assessed, the Practice is also inspected periodically.

Our current Specialist Trainees are:

Dr Catriona McBride (GP Specialist Trainee in their final year) – until October 2023
Dr Adeyinka Ademola (GP Specialist Trainee in their final year) – until June 2023
Dr Catherine Lyth (GP Specialist Trainee in their final year) – from August 2023  

The Practice benefits from the doctors experience, having worked in alternative medical environments prior to joining us. In addition, we are able to offer additional appointments and choice of doctor during their time with us.

As part of the doctors’ training programme they have to video a certain number of consultations for assessment. You will always be asked in advance for consent.